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We focus on cooperative study, an informative way of learning, and enhance every kid's quality.

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he primary target behind the establishment of GitaRam TULIPS is to empower and uphold the total improvement of all our young students, and to offer them chances to find their one-of-a-kind abilities and explore their latent capacity.

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For us at GitaRam TULIPS, schooling implies making learning fun, hands-on and significant, executing educational plans remembering kids' age and their capacity to absorb and perform abilities, reviewing the ideas/abilities from easy to complex errands, etc. At GitaRam TULIPS, security is a superb concern. We guarantee that all homerooms and play regions are protected.

Why Choose Us
Teaching Methodology

GitaRam TULIPS’ methodology is based on cutting-edge education and brain research. It was created with scientific brain-based ideas in mind, such as how the brain learns best. The first and most fundamental scientific principle


is founded on the concept of fun, which is defined as a high level of involvement and novelty. Scientists know that the first five years of a child's existence are critical for brain development. We concentrate on the following: Development appropriate learning, Brain-Based Learning, Curriculum that is integrated, multidisciplinary, and theme-based Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles - Tapping into our senses.


1. We help harness their energy through empathic listening and keen observation, then direct their curiosity onto productive paths, 2. Children work individually and in groups to discover and explore their knowledge

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of the world to further develop their maximum potential, 3. Our innovative pedagogy offers a perfect blend of the contemporary approach and Indian values for the grooming of children, 4. We take special care to ensure that the childhood of our tiny tots is beautiful in every possible way, 5. Brain activities, Educational toys & puzzles, art & craft, indoor & outdoor sports, 6. Personality development classes, 7. Moral education, Yoga, Dance, Singing, and other activities.

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About GitaRam Tulips


GitaRam TULIPS instils in children a spirit of joy and enthusiasm for learning new things and upstaging in a competitive world. We have everything that a growing toddler needs to complete his early education as one of the most renowned playschools!

“Every child is born with a unique purpose on this planet, and it is our responsibility as parents, teachers, and mentors to assist them in discovering theirs”.

Here, your children are encouraged to be their unique selves, while teachers ignite the fire within them to learn. Every little thing your kid does in playschool will certainly aid to wire his/her brain for reasoning, feeling, relocating, and also learning.


What Experts say:


Our Features


Fun-based learning environment.

Favorable teacher-student ratio

Spacious classrooms

A home-like environment that ensures the child’s development, safety, and engagement needs are met

Activity-based learning

A well-researched curriculum that is based on the play way method of learning




Play School

Our central goal is to give complete love and care to the growing kids. So we decided to make an interactive study program for them. We use different types of instruments that enable the kids to encounter learning through play and fun.


 Our lower kindergarten program is fully equipped with the best syllabus that ultimately helps that youngster to be accustomed to study procedures for their best future.



Life experiences at an early age create an absolute effect on a kid’s brain development. So we tailored a unique program for all those kids. Here we use different methods of teaching to help them step into a better future.


Activity Center

Our main purpose is to involve those tiny blooms outside the classroom also. So we decided to make an activity center for them after the regular school hour where they can meet their new friends who are not a part of GitaRam TULIPS.
Research says though early life experiences are crucial for kids it is important to blend them into their life in a correct way. GitaRam TULIPS’ activity center enables them to get blend with the outside world since childhood. They may learn to interact with new people in their own way.




Happy parents



Our Team


Meet our Talented Team

The primary responsibility of a teacher is to communicate with parents and students and to teach important lessons to the students. It is important to form a good parent-teacher relationship from the very beginning. GitaRam Tulips is the new endeavor of the GitaRam Group. It is in Ranibagan, the heart of Berhampore with the best child-friendly environment. Here we nurture the young brains to develop different skills in the early stages of life. Our British Council-certified teachers are the best fit for their role. They are very energetic, caring, and patient. They love to take the responsibility for the young buds to bloom. Our favorable teacher-student ratio helps students to get the continuous focus and attention of teachers.

  • Over 30 Qualified professionals
  • We offer you our quality services since 2002
  • Fun and educational activities in our daily plan

Beyond Academic

Our Deferrence From Others

  • Sports & Performing activities
  • Extra curriculum activities (Fashion show, Craft, Special talent, Brain game)
  • Events
  • Simple Activities- Creative Arts, Physical activities, & Explore the world around me



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GitaRam preschool is situated close to you to give your kid the best Guidance they deserve. Give your kid an opportunity to be a part of a progressive excursion as we attempt to support your kid to be someone beyond perusers and mould them up to be brilliant, vivacious, and prepared to confront the world.

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