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4 Healthy foods that kids love

As your kid starts to grow up, they might urge to taste different foods like fast foods and other processed foods. They tend to avoid homemade food. During this phase, you must keep patience and help your kid understand what is good for them.

Although it is not an easy task, the habit they are developing now will be their life. In some cases, it may change, but they become habituated to it in most cases. Try making different homemade foods that your kid enjoys. Add some funny garnishing to it. Here are some healthy meal recipes that you can experiment with. 

Multi-grain Palak Paneer Roti:

Feeding rotis to your kids is an effective way to introduce the cereals like Jowar and Bajra. This soft multi-grain roti is richer in fiber, protein, and folic acid than normal rotis. 

Making this roti is much easier than you think. 

Mix the flours of Jowar and Bajra in equal quantities. Mix some spinach and Paneer to it. Add very little salt and water and make dough from it. Make Rotis and cook with vegetable oil. Do not use excess oil as it may cause childhood obesity. Serve these rotis when it is still in lukewarm temperature. You can substitute Palak or spinach with carrot, Cabbage, and with Mint Leaves. If any symptom of an upset stomach occurs then immediately stop feeding it and contact the pediatrician.

Rice mash:

Are you searching for soothing and safe food? Then you are at the right place. Rice Mash could be a better option for you. Making rice mash for babies is not difficult to work. All you need to process this recipe are Rice and ghee.

First, wash the rice with enough water. Keep the washed rice aside. Mix rice and ยพ cup of water in a pressure cooker. Mix well and cook it for up to 4 whistles (may differ for different sizes of the cooker). The rice should be cooked completely and soft. Allow the steam to escape from the pressure cooker before opening it. Add some ghee and mix it. Better to use a potato masher to make a smooth paste. Serve lukewarm rice mash to babies. Benign with a smaller quantity like a Tablespoon and then gradually increases the quantity. 

Mayo Chicken Sandwich:

If your kid loves fast food and processed food then you want to make some yummy recipes for him/her. The chicken sandwich comes in first place every time you search for healthy as well as alluring foods. A quick chicken sandwich can be prepared only in 10 minutes if all the ingredients are ready. The simplest form of making a sandwich is in Tawa but you can also grill it. 

Butter your bread and chop onion and other veggies of your choice. Toast the bread until golden- brown. Add little oil and saute garlic until it leaves a tempting flavor. Add shredded chicken to it and saute. Add some salt and continue sauteing until completely cooked. Add your preferred spice powder to it and turn off the oven. Add mayonnaise, fresh parsley or coriander leaves, and onion, and mix everything. You can add lemon juice here. Add the sauteed chicken with the Mayo. Spread it into bread slices and cover it with another. Your yummy mayo chicken sandwich is ready to serve!  Try consuming it within two hours of preparing.

Vegetable Idli:

If you want to give your child proper nutrition like carbohydrates in other forms than regular plain rice then you must try the vegetable idli recipe. This is a safe and soft food for your toddler. This is not likely to choke. This food is recommended only if your baby is more than 10 months older.

To make Vegetable Idli, wash rice and Urad dal with clean water. Drain the excess water and pour the bowl with new water. Keep it soaking for at least 2 hours. Again drain the water with a strainer. Transfer these rice and dal into a grinding machine, add milk and water, and make a smooth paste of it. While keeping it in a bowl add grated carrot and cabbage to it. Add a pinch of cumin seeds for flavor. You can add freshly grated coconut also. Add salt and sugar according to your taste. Mix well and keep it in a warm area for about 8 hours. After 8 hours heat a pressure cooker or steamer and grease the idli mold with vegetable oil. Pour a small portion of batter into the mold and steam it in low to medium flame for about 10-15 mins. When it is ready (check using a toothpick) cool slightly and remove it from the mold and serve hot.

Our Tips:

  • Donโ€™t hide fruits and vegies behind their favorite dish.
  • Offer them dripping sauce, toppings, and others of their choice.
  • Try different preparation for the same food.
  • Think out of the box and keep an eye on what your kid prefers to eat.
  • Play with garnishing. Add a smiling face or serve food on a stick, and write their pet name on the plate with peas. 

It is very much true that when it comes to mealtime then your little superstar can be dramatic too. It is no wonder that parents keep hiding fruits and veggies behind smoothies and muffins. But you donโ€™t have to work on finding ninja techniques to feed them broccoli. If your kid turns his/her nose at one dish, keep trying!

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