Virtual Pre-Schooling


With the second rush of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have been compelled to stay at home. In any case, as the pandemic furies on external, it doesn’t mean the finish of your youngster’s schooling. To stay aware of the evolving times, we have adjusted a model that is the need of great importance: online preschool. Most guardians feel suspicious of preschool’s online classes and their viability. Notwithstanding, we can guarantee you that right now what your children need. Regardless of medium whether it is using virtual classes on a screen or attending physical schooling, they need cooperation with others their age.

GitaRam TULIPS offers the best projects for little ones. With our online preschool for kids, we update them with what they would have realized in the study hall. Your children can begin learning through virtual classes today. It is more significant for your children to start their schooling. Regardless of whether it occurs in a study hall or on the web, is auxiliary.

With help of parents, we are occurring out virtual schooling, where we do communicate with students in a different way. We are focusing on activity-based learning to keep their focus intact. For this pandemic, the whole environment is very new for the little ones. So we are trying our best to give your children where they can feel the same way as physical schooling.



Frequently asked questions

GitaRam TULIPS believes that all children have the right to a stress-free childhood, and we have demonstrated that education can be a fun way to learn. Learning can and should be enjoyable. We believe that all children should be able to enjoy the thrill of discovery and develop a passion for learning.

To provide all learners with an opportunity to maximize their innate potential by creating a learning environment that suits all individual learners. Also, to motivate the human greatness in every child by identifying and nurturing each child’s unique gift.

GitaRam Tulips provides their need for an academic institution to nurture young talents with state-of-the-art facilities and develop the skills to face the challenges of modern society. For the first time in Berhampore, GitaRam Tulips is going to provide special education services for kids as a playschool. We believe every child needs special care to grow in their own way. So we curated an enriching online curriculum that includes hands-on activities designed to capture little one’s interest and spark their creativity.